Welcome to Gemsight College and Career Planners

Our practice is currently accepting a limited number of high school students from the class of 2025, 2026 and 2027. 

For over 20 years, families from across the country have turned to the founders of Gemsight College and Career Planners to assist in their college admissions experience. Our consultant team stays informed of recent trends in college admissions, offering our students only the most current and up-to-date  information. Using a collaborative approach, we assist students in prioritizing their strengths and interests, tailoring their college lists, and presenting them in the most positive way. Consultants from Gemsight College and Career Planners utilize our expertise, offering one-to-one advising to empower and engage high school students as they continue on to  college. Our approach combines individual time and digital tools to guide the student through the process. We provide a realistic assessment of the admissions process, and ways to ensure that the student is admitted into a program that is the right fit.

College Consulting

Gemsight’s educational consultants cover many facets of the college preparatory and selection process with a structured program. Our goal is to reduce uncertainty and anxiety for students and families.

Beginning in a student’s sophomore or junior year, we provide a detailed explanation of the college admissions process, creating an individualized plan for the student to follow. We evaluate high school academic records, standardized test results, athletic, extracurricular, and volunteer activities, as well as special talents, and compile a preliminary list of schools to best meet a student’s abilities and needs.

Working as a team with a student and his/her family, Gemsight develops a schedule to prepare the student to meet the requirements of various colleges. We offer advice on selecting academic high school courses; recommend resources for test preparation and tutoring, if necessary; suggest summer programming; support the application process including essay development and prepare for interviews.

Financial Aid Assistance

We would be remiss if we did not address the affordability factor when guiding families through the college process. A child’s college education is one of the largest investments a family will probably make outside of purchasing a home.

We encourage parents to look beyond the sticker price when reviewing affordability as there are factors beyond tuition to consider.   Also, many schools have flexibility in their tuition structure. The term  “discount rate” is frequently used and not typically well publicized. Through our research and professional development we make it a point to learn about a college’s tuition structure.

Expert Advice For Maximum Aid

We take a holistic view of the college process and encourage families to review their financial aid information with their financial planners or certified public accountants to address investment and tax strategies that families may be entitled to.

Our Process

Our personalized approach pairs you not only with your own dedicated college consultant, who will coach and guide you throughout the entire college selection and application process, but also connects you with our team of experts for additional assistance. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the educational values, programmatic features, and culture that resonates with you. You will be exposed to a variety of colleges to ensure you understand the multitude of higher education options you have to consider. The skillful guidance you receive to gather information and reflect on its significance will enable you to complete the college process tasks with less stress, intentionality  and more confidence.

Allow us to assist you in taking the next step!

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