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Student Centered College Admissions Planning

At Gemsight College and Career Planner we emphasize guided discovery during the college selection and application process, leveraging our experience with supporting thousands of young adults over 20 years. We strive to establish a long-term partnership with each student by welcoming students into our comprehensive college consulting program beginning as early as ninth grade.

Developing a long-term strategic education and college admissions plan helps foster a love of learning, solid time management skills, and a direction towards a positive undergraduate education experience.

We begin every potential client’s college planning with a virtual informational Meet and Greet. The purpose of this meeting is to provide you with an overview of the Gemsight’s College Planning process, and an evaluation of your family’s needs to see if you are a fit for one of Gemight’s programs. 

Would you like to schedule a Meet and Greet to discuss your student? Then, please contact us using the form below. 

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College Consulting

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