With decades of experience, we guide students from a wide range of backgrounds, abilities, and interests. While assessing academics, preparing college lists and/or supporting applications, our consultants work closely together so every student can benefit from our collective experience and team approach. We visit schools and colleges around the country and attend conferences regularly, sharing information about admission trends and what’s happening on campuses with our colleagues.

Our relationship with the student can begin as early as the middle of 9th grade in special circumstances. However, most students join our practice in 1oth grade in order to create a comprehensive plan that includes a curriculum, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities that maximize a student’s potential. College admissions are influenced by many factors and planning is the key.

A growing number of teens today suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional health issues, which is affecting their schoolwork and home lives. 

There are times when a mental health issue needs to be treated in a therapeutic program/school that specializes in that disorder. We refer families to specialized professionals to help students find the support they need.

Absolutely! Independent college counselors do not replace students’ high school college consultants. Gemsight recognizes that school based counselors play a vital role in the school setting and guiding students. Unfortunately, school based counselors sometimes have larger caseloads or other responsibilities other than just college counseling. Gemsight consultants spend approximately 25% of their professional time traveling to visit colleges across the country to tour campuses, and to meet with admissions officers, faculty and existing students to gain an understanding the type of student that may be a good fit for the college. Gemsight consultants also attend several professional conferences a year and are professional members of counseling organizations. School counselors rarely are able to commit that much time traveling the country.

Others decide to work with us because they want an additional and impartial perspective that will benefit their child. Some families in locations outside the United States work with us because their school has no prior experience with US college admissions.

An independent educational consultant is in no way a replacement for the school counselor. We encourage students to work closely with their school counselors and teach them how to fully utilize the school’s guidance resources.

To put it simply, very. This is the most competitive we’ve ever seen in our entire career. An economy that is doing well tends to have a large applicant pool, especially among the already-wealthy. Applicants to private schools rise when societal factors, such as fear of deteriorating public education, are present. There has been a significant increase in admissions numbers in the past several admissions seasons. Several schools increased their applicant pools by over 50% due to the pandemic. In order to be honest with parents, we try to stay abreast of trends.

We do not write any student’s college essays. Gemsight College and Career Consultants will discuss ideas or review their work, but all writing is completed by the student. It is Gemsight’s experience that students who own the process and produce their own work are more satisfied with their college decision.

We work with students all across the country. Gemsight consultants utilize virtual meeting platforms, a company portal and phone conferencing to communicate effectively with families.

Gemsight offers various levels of comprehensive packages and limited number of hourly appointments. Please fill out our contact form if you would like additional information about our services and fees.

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